Conveyor Dynamic Analysis


2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition  v.1.0

With Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition you can perform Static and Dynamic Analysis of composite frames and trusses using the finite element method. The interactive, easy and feature-rich UI allows quick drawing of the model. Temperature loads,

DeltaT6Rego32bit  v.6.0

HELIX delta-T is a powerful computer software package developed to assist materials handling design engineers and equipment suppliers with conveyor design and optimisation.


PowerFrame  v.5. 6. 2012

PowerFrame analyses any concrete, steel and timber structural frame subjected to a seismic load or a fire load. Features: -Graphical definition of model with built-in model tools or import of Diamonds model.

HttpBlitz  v.1.0

HttpBlitz is a small HTTP server. HttpBlitz is a cross platform Http web server developed using C++. Agile methodology with emphasis on :- 1. Good Design 2. Object Oriented Programming 3. Refactoring 4. Static/Dynamic Analysis, Unit-testing,

Kieker  v.1.0

Kieker is a framework for continuous monitoring and dynamic analysis of distributed software systems.

HelixChute  v.1.0.10

The Helix Chute Design program is an engineering design tool which combines CAD Drawing and 3D Modeling with a powerful calculation engine to predict the motion of particles in a transfer chute.

3D Frame Analysis Library  v.2.0

The Frame3D library is a complete analysis library for solving structural problems utilizing a powerful and robust analysis engine, which in combination with the reach analysis and element features can efficiently solve large scale static, dynamic,

Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software  v.3.0

Software to design belt conveyor systems.

2D Truss Analysis  v.2.0

ANALYSIS: Use of highly flexible, general, finite element method Static analysis of 2D trusses Unlimited number of Nodes and Bars All type of boundary conditions (fixed, rollers, etc.) Translational and rotational spring supports Initial

2D Frame Analysis  v.2.0

ANALYSIS: Use of highly flexible, general, finite element method Static analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D frames Unlimited number of Nodes and Beams 3 Degrees of freedom per Node, 6 per Beam All type of boundary conditions (fixed,


PANOPLIA. is a sophisticated software system intended for the design and analysis of anti-seismic reinforced concrete buildings. It is a standalone application for the RC Detailing and Material Management.

LIRA  v.

LIRA is a modern software package for analysis and design of building and mechanical engineering structures of different purposes. Static (forces and displacements) and dynamic analyses are available.

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